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Aluminum t slot table


Many of the woodworking jigs and fixtures I make have at least one length of t-track built into them. A t-slot extrusion can be aluminum t slot table in other places besides jigs. Use them whenever you need to clamp anything anywhere along a straight line.

4″ most of the time because it’s cheaper and plenty strong for what I use it for. These t nuts and t bolts make it easy to attach clamps and other accessories to the t-track. It is best to use t-nuts and t-bolts when attaching accessories to the track. I like to get my t-bolts extra long and cut them down to the length needed for each application.

8″ deep dado is cut to keep this t track level with the top of the workpiece. I think these are fairly standard sizes, but always measure first before cutting.

They do however, provide a small groove in the center to help keep the drill bit from wandering. I found with the other stuff, I was drilling extra holes where I needed them anyway. I live in a small city of 35,000 people with only two major building supply centers. I’ve been ordering hard to find items online.

I get a lot of my jig parts from Lee Valley here in Canada. I find great deals online.

One of the advantages of living in a large city is selection and availability of products. No white knuckle driving or one finger salutes I love it.

Leave me a comment in the box below. Using t track on a crosscut sled fence.

Using t track on a sacrificial fence. With the wide availability of T-Slot extrusions on Amazon and Ebay, and using simple home improvement store hardware, this is a great way to build these kinds of projects. Using patio door rollers on an angle is a low cost and easy way to handle what are often complex mechanics on CNC machines. You can try this project out live on the Internet!

This is a second version of a┬áprevious Instructable, and is another approach to making a lower cost, lower precision XY table. How easy is “ridiculously easy”?