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Antique slot machines las vegas


JP SLOT EMPORIUM has the finest collection of antique and modern slot and antique slot machines las vegas machines for sale. You can own a thrilling, irresistible game of chance which is a piece of American history and culture. Antique, mechanical slot machines provide a direct link to the days of yesteryear, from the Roaring 20’s Prohibition Honky TonkĀ  to post World War II gleaming chrome Nevada-style machines.

Computerized slots and video pokers are also available for modern casino play at home. Our machines are painstakingly restored utilizing as many original parts as possible.

During restoration, all parts of our machines are cleaned and refurbished, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with their immaculate condition. Our fully restored antique machines are guaranteed for one year and our reconditioned modern machines are guaranteed for 90 days.

Quality restoration and repair for your heirloom antique slot machine is available. Own a piece of American history. Current state laws allow residents in 43 states to possess machines for home entertainment!

JP Slot Emporium’s courteous, friendly employees are here to help you. Please forward this error screen to 174. 1946 Mills Black Cherry 5c Slot Machine!

Many people do not realize that the Black Cherry was the first slot machine to be sold by Mills after World War 2. 1933 PACE COMET NICKEL ANTIQUE SLOT MACHINE – GREAT LOOKING ORIGINAL!

1936 Pace Comet 5c Slot Machine! A majority of these were painted in a royal blue color with the vertical trim polished out. Antique 1930’s MILLS 5 cent castle front slot machine. Rare 1930s 5 cent antique Mills slot machine.