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Blacklist season 2 time slot


I don’t know exactly how I expected The Blacklist to return after eight weeks away while Redemption housesat for its time slot, but a two-hour blaze of glory shooting answers, history, and bags of dead bodies, leaving only destruction and a handful of perfectly executed retro songs in its wake, was definitely not it. Blacklist season 2 time slot catching up with Mr.

Kaplan in present day and flashing back over her 30-year journey to becoming Reddington’s cleaner — and then his attempted murder victim — the second half of tonight’s Blacklist tells the story of how we build worlds up around us and then reshape ourselves to fit those worlds. Anything for Elizabeth, anything for you, anything for anybody enough times that 30 years later, you’re standing in the middle of an ice skating rink, surrounded by dead bodies that you helped facilitate in becoming dead. I’m sure that after a while, most of us assumed that Mr.

Kaplan was the one trying to bring Reddington down — she had been MIA from the last few episodes, and when she set out from the her half-captivity-half-salvation at Mr. Hunter’s Creepy Cabin, she had an unreadable look in her eye. But even though it made logistical sense, it never quite made emotional sense: From most everything we’d heard from Mr. Kaplan, she seemed to have thought she was doing the right thing for Elizabeth, but she also thought that she’d betrayed Raymond in the deepest sense, and that was a punishable offense.