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This Instructable is a stand-alone, as well as a companion to another Instructable that i have to do an easy Softmod to your Original XBox without needing a Memory Card or Action Replay. Keep in clean sd card slot that the Memory Card made by Microsoft is a FAT16 Device, but has 8 Megabyte Limitations. Breakaway combo, like i am, and need to be able to transfer your files and interface at the same time with the XBox.

Memory Card to USB Adapter, but i simply cut out the middleman and hardwired the USB port directly into the controller! Additionally, some experience soldering, as well as stripping wire, and a delicate touch is helpful. Clip off the Female end of the USB extension to about two inches from the end.

The easiest way to do this it to make a shallow cut down its length with your utility knife, then a similar circular cut where the wire ends and the socket begins. After this, start slowly trimming off the covering around the socket end.

Do this until you have the socket totally exposed to its metal contacts and wires. If you find 5 wires, you have one too many. After this, strip a small end on each of the wires and solder slightly in preparation for a later step.

To do this, there will be 7 screw holes on this controller that i used. When you have it opened, you will see two vibration motors inside.

After these parts are removed you will see the two memory card sockets exposed. Simply pull the pins that are feeding into the socket back and out, making sure they are totally removed from the plastic part. When all five are pulled, they should be only connected to the board where they are soldered into.

The plastic should just come off the underside, and can be discarded. Now take your soldering iron, and desolder and push out the pins to expose the holes that the wires will feed into. With this done, we can now move on. Take a piece of tape and wrap around the metal USB Socket.