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Is it Time to add a Long Slot Toaster to your Kitchen Arsenal? Nobody likes burnt toast, bagels, toaster waffles or fruit breads in the morning — and few have the time to stand by the toaster cuisinart wide slot toaster ensure breads and baked goods come out the way you want them. Getting a quality long slot toaster, from a trusted brand, can eliminate that headache and this article will tell you why.

Nothing can shape your day better than a warm, baked good lightly toasted with the nooks and crannies that are just waiting to absorb a velvety pat of butter or sweet dollop of jam. Can’t you just smell warm baked bread, wrapped in the richness of melted butter, with just a hint of sweet cream notes transporting you to a welcoming, peaceful state of mind? It is a great way to start your day and here are the reasons why taking the next step beyond the standard 2-slicer makes perfect sense. The obvious reason is that breads and baked goods are not all the same size.

Many people are getting away from the bagged sandwich breads of yesterday in favor of the more wholesome artisan breads that just don’t seem to fit a standard toaster. If you are a baker or buy whole loaves at the bakery then you have the option to make your slices the way you want them. Cut the bread in thick slices straight across for a hearty toasted sandwich or on the bias and both will fit if your toaster has long slots.

Toasters with long slots are great for toasting tortillas that can then be cut up in strips and used in soups or salads. Because all baked goods are not the same, that oversized toaster waffle or piece of Texas toast that you try to make it fit a standard toaster will not get stuck — eliminating your risk of electrocution when you try to fish it out with a fork.