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Double down casino free slots download


Traditionally, casino apps on Facebook and other social platforms have relied on a single selling point, in many ways similarly to phone apps. You’ll find blackjack apps, slots apps and pretty much everything else individually, but few developers have opted to take the plunge with a fully featured social casino in the past.

That all changed in 2010 when the game’s developer brought a fully featured casino suite to social platforms for the first time. It had never been done before, so nobody was really sure how it would fare, but after a relatively slow start, things soon picked up as players came to realise that social casino gaming in a dedicated environment was here to stay. This valuation had no basis in traditional pricing, which took many by surprise with IGT being such a traditional company, but it signalled that the big names in the industry were not simply blowing smoke when it came to signalling their intent to get into social gaming. Both companies are committed to providing unrivalled quality, service and entertainment to millions of players.