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Ebc ultimax slotted rotors


Brake Pads, Rotors, Kits – CARiD. EBC Brakes has always attributed their success in the marketplace to a philosophy top management maintains of building superior products that they themselves would want to buy. Inferior components that result from building products to a low price point and cutting corners never have been and never will be sold by EBC. EBC brake pads and EBC brake rotors provide superior stopping ability under all conditions and save your ebc ultimax slotted rotors because they last longer.

Includes: 3GD Series Dimpled and Slotted Sport Rotors and Yellowstuff Brake Pads. Includes: RK Series rotors and Greenstuff 6000 brake pads. Replace your old, worn out brakes with better performing pads and rotors from EBC.

Includes: 3GD Series Dimpled and Slotted Sport Rotors and Bluestuff NDX Formula Racing Brake Pads. These replacement brake rotors feature multiple slots in a narrow, more angled pattern to create a quieter running surface with a superior level of cooling.