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When I was playing Buffalo slots in Vegas last year, I was amazed to discover how many versions there are and also, that depending on free buffalo slots online casino you are in, they can have completely different pay-outs schedules. Here, we have a free version of the Buffalo game – the classic, original version. You can now play buffalo slots online for free. This is great news, as it is probably the most requested game ever.

Even more popular than Cleopatra and so we are sure you will love our free buffalo slots. This version of Buffalo slots is very similar, in fact almost idential to the one in Las Vegas.

The pay-lines are identical and it has the same bonus features. The Buffalo Stampede bonus is just the same as in Vegas and it also has all the nuances you expect in a real casino, whether it is Sin City, Atlantic City, or your local casino where you live. When you play Buffalo slots for real money, the really huge wins come in the bonus. If you look at some of the links below, you will find videos to some major wins on Buffalo.

As you can see, the best wins come when you get a few of the multiplier lined up alongside multiple Buffalo symbols, then you can get overall multipliers of 100x, 200x, or even 1000x in some instances! Buffalo slots has reached legendary status in Las Vegas. It is a simple game, but at the same time it’s so beautiful, with a perfect balance between giving out small regular wins and the opportunity to win massive payouts too.

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