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Free slot machine games with bonus features


Bonus features were gradually added to slots to offer extra entertainment and more ways to win, and modern video slots have taken bonus games to a new level. With more reels and more paylines available, along with animations and video streaming, bonus games can be activated in a variety of different ways, and some are so complex that they are almost like a video game in their own right. A common way to launch a bonus round is landing two or more scatter symbols on a payline, but different games use various methods to trigger the bonus game. Some are multi-level games, while others can be re-triggered or combined with other features to provide even free slot machine games with bonus features wins.

These will usually spin around the reels with the wins adding up, and the total at the end added to your bankroll. Free spin rounds are often launched by landing one or more scatter symbols on the main reels, and many modern games lead you into the bonus round with video footage or animations related to the theme of the game. Some slot machines allow free spins to be re-triggered, and if you land more scatter symbols during the free spins round, you will be taken to a second successive bonus round.

Other games offer extra bonus features alongside a free spins round, where wilds and multipliers can increase the amount of winnings considerably. The Dark Knight Rises is a good example of this type of game, and when the bonus round is initiated, players are asked to choose between a Batman or Bane-themed bonus. Bane theme offers rolling reels with stacked wilds on reels 2 and 4. Pick to Wintype of bonus game is relatively straightforward, and once initiated a player can select from a number of options on the screen to reveal prizes.

These may take the form of treasure chests that each contains a different coin amount, for example. Winnings are accumulated and paid out at the end of the bonus round when all of the player’s picks are used up. Collect Winnings’ sign, at which point the bonus round will end.