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Fort Jackson is the largest and most active Initial Entry Training Center in the U. Basic Combat Training load and 60 percent gamehouse slots safecracker code the women entering the Army each year.

Army’s pioneer in the training environment. Excellence in 1988, Fort Jackson has continued to earn awards for excellence year after year. The initial site of the cantonment area consisted of almost 1,200 acres. The pressure of World War I brought swift changes.

1,200 and the first two barracks were completed. Two months later, the force had grown to almost 10,000 men. Three months after construction began, some 8,000 draftees arrived for training. Camp Sevier in Greenville, S.

30th “Old Hickory” Division, named in honor of Jackson. France as part of the America Expeditionary Forces. In less than eight months, construction of the vast camp was complete.

The 5th Infantry Division trained here until it was inactivated in 1921. 8th, 26th, 77th, 87th, 100th and 106th. The 31st “Dixie” Division trained here during the Korean Conflict.

Fort Jackson had grown over the years, but most of the buildings were temporary. Fort’s troops since the early 1940’s. In June 1973, Fort Jackson was designated as a U.

MOS and common skills in a field environment. Training focused on hands-on skill development rather than platoon instruction. Fort Jackson continues to win awards as we move toward our vision of the future.

Fort Jackson the living, working and training environment it can be. Base Realignment and Closure program. March 3, 1918, at Fort Monroe, Virginia. World War II to Fort Slocum, New York.

New Jersey prior to coming to Fort Jackson. For the first time, Chaplain School will occupy a building built from the ground up for its use. Introducing my exclusive Military Relocation Assistance Program.