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Golden reels casino slots


Golden Thunder slots is one of the most surprising games to golden reels casino slots over the last few years. I’d put it up there with Mor Chilli in that respect. Sometimes slots do take you by surprise, though. Although I had little or no expectations from this game, it turned out to be really, really good to play.

All slots try to do this, but most fail – this one, though does it very well. If you get two ‘free spin’ icons, the reels start to go much faster and there is a lot of excitement generated wondering if you will get the third, vital symbol to give you those free spins.

The original Zeus slots made by WMS is one of the most famous real money games in Las Vegas and so this one should also be popular. All of the big companies have some sort of Zeus game, like the original, Zeus 2 and Zeus 3 and also, Great Zeus.

I have enjoyed playing just about every Zeus game in Las Vegas – they always seem to be high quality, fun games to play. Hopefully soon we will see Golden Thunder for real money in the US soon, but until then please enjoy the free game. Why not play for real?

Just click the button below! Choose Casino to Play for Real Money . Frankly speaking, when it comes to the most intriguing IGT slots, the following wheel of fortune is definitely among the top ones.