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Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. So you have a bunch of slot car track, its a fun little hobby, fast challenging and relatively cheap. Its a technical track  for the racers having high speed straits and tight curves.

Its also a good track for the non magnetic cars, it has skids around the curves to make the outside lanes more like the inside lanes. This track has a little under 40ft,  and my Wizzard brand cars can pull 3. You can of course make your own layout, with more lanes if you wish and use a different brand of track, though the AFX track I used here is sold in more sizes and shapes than any other brand of HO scale track. All and all if you already have the track you can make this system for under 100.

1-36×80″ slab side flat door,    27. To stop all this race detracting noise, I covered the door in felt. This keeps the hard plastic track away from the door.

I also framed the door in 2×3″ stock to make it very sturdy and give it a nicer edge around the track. Begin by bordering the door with your 2×3″  stock, securing it with 3″ screws ran threw pre-drilled holes. Then spray the top down with the spray adhesive and cover it with the felt,  I used green felt as some might show threw.