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Holy paladin best in slot


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This page is a gear reference for Holy Paladins. Convert to Raid superguild on Aerie Peak-US. Virtue in Return to Karazhan is an excellent cloak. Haste buffs are mediocre for Holy Paladins.

Pantheon trinket in all instances. The 2-piece Tier 21 Set Bonus is strong and consistent. Below, we rank the legendary items available to Holy Paladins.

Paladin should not intentionally overheal for any reason. Holy Paladins no longer have an interrupt. Sephuz is not a good choice for most encounters.

Wrath buff, the duration is extended by 8 seconds. The increased duration is also rarely useful.

Overall, Prydaz is a mediocre choice in dungeon content. Light is a very bad talent in dungeons, so Ilterendi is a bad legendary.

Beacon available for the effect to heal. It should not be chosen over any other legendaries. 2017: Updated Set Bonus and legendary item sections and added a trinket discussion section.