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Please forward this error screen to 129. Have You Just Purchased a Slot Machine, Caille Commercial, Pinball Machine home slot machines sale Allwin that needs Restoring or Fixing? Based in the UK just a few miles from London in Hertfordshire. A recent publication that lifts the lid on the world of slot machine collecting.

The book is primarily for the beginners to this hobby of buying old vintage mechanical devices, One Arm Bandits. The idea behind the publication was to allow “new blood” to be informed about buying a gem and not a turkey, paying a reasonable price and not being “done” by an unscrupulous seller. If you are a seasoned collector of slots, then the buyers guide part of the book will probably be of small interest, but it was not written with you in mind! But as the author states in the book that we’ve all been “beginners” at some time, and like anything you buy for the first time, knowledge is key.

Buying a vintage machine is always difficult because the information is not often readily available, so this guide book gives a short history of gambling machines, the various manufacturers, the things to consider when buying and most importantly a guidance of price you can expect to pay based purely on past sale prices. The book does stress the fact that like all things we buy, the price guide is purely that a guide price. The book is filled with full colour pictures of the machines and covers the most common slots you are likely to encounter for sale. It does not attempt to list every device ever made, this would be several thousand different varieties.

The book also has chapters on servicing hints and tips for both Slot Machines and Allwins, there’s a pictorial guide on how a One Arm Bandit works, and copious amount of advice from veteran collectors. Highly recommended for the 1st time buyer, and a great read for anyone who loves anything mechanical and vintage. Help support Slot Collecting by recommending the book and encourage “new blood” in to the hobby.

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