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House of fun slots real money


I often wonder why it took such a long time for the Michael Jackson slots to finally arrive in casinos, but it was definitely worth the wait. It was great to see the Michael Jackson slot game live up to the hype. Michael Jackson house of fun slots real money, made by Bally, is a wonderful game, with loads of exciting bonus features. Quite often the machines are found in prime positions, which is a good indication of just how successful the game has been.

The sound and music plays a major role in the way the game plays. Each one of the many feature bonuses is based on one of the great man’s tunes.

Examples include the Beat It Bonus and another one called Smooth Criminal. Even if Michael’s music is not your thing, you can’t fail to be impressed with the technology and how good the sound is. The music itself is projected through a surround sound speaker system embedded in the chair.

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