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Hp elitebook memory slots


Please forward this error screen to 103. Please forward this error screen to 41. Intel processors and Nvidia Quadro FX 770M wrapped inside an impressively durable shell. Is it time for an hp elitebook memory slots at your office?

Take a look and see what we have to say about this powerful workhorse! 2,549 if ordered via the HP website. The base of the laptop feels very strong and would definitely survive many bumps and bruises that other laptops might not.

There is no flex in the keyboard, except for a very minor amount of flex around the enter key directly above the optical drive. The underside of the notebook is also similarly rigid and strong with the exception of the area immediately underneath the notebook’s optical drive. Although we don’t recommend it, you can stand on this notebook and you’ll barely notice any flex beneath your feet. The outer shell of the screen casing is made of metal, but the inner screen bezel is plastic.

You’ll also find a convenient keyboard light located at the top of the screen bezel. Just push the button on the top of the screen and a small LED pops out shining a light on your keyboard.

This is perfect for typing while traveling in a car or airplane without turning on an overhead light to bother people sitting next to you. The laptop screen housing is also extremely solid and can barely be twisted even when significant force is applied. Just so you understand how hard this notebook hit the desk, the impact was loud enough to make all my coworkers stop what they were doing and look to see if I was okay. The back of the LCD lid hit the desk with enough force that if the lid had been made of cheap plastic it would have snapped in half like a dead twig.

The 8530w survived without a scratch and everything continued to work perfectly. Of course, with all this rugged durability built into the deisgn you have to expect a trade off, and the trade off in this case is weight. If you add the power adapter your travel weight then becomes a full eight pounds. While this isn’t horrible for a desktop replacement, if you plan to travel with the 8530w you need to be prepared for how massive this mobile workstation really is.