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Iphone sim card slot open


The nano-SIM uses the same tech as its larger counterparts, with the only real difference being the amount of plastic that surrounds the chip. While it’s possible for most people to call their carrier and request a new nano-SIM for their new phone, there is a much quicker way: cut it yourself. Before we go any further, it’s worth mentioning that there may be an easier way than cutting the Iphone sim card slot open card to the desired size yourself.

Recently, many major UK carriers have done away with traditional SIM cards with varying sizes, and have instead replaced them with a single SIM card that can be used in any device. There are benefits to using a multi-SIM apart from having to cut your SIM yourself, too.

If a situation ever arises where you’re using a nano SIM and need to switch to a phone that requires a micro SIM, you need only pop the nano SIM into the micro SIM frame to use it. Although with this being said, you could always buy a SIM adapter kit to combat the issue if it arises.

You’ll probably be without a SIM card for a day or two while one is sent, and some carriers may charge you a small amount, but we think it’s worth it in the long run. Those aren’t actually great odds. Proceed at your own risk. Once you have all these to hand it’s time to get started.

Inside you might find a stock nano-SIM. It appears much smaller, and the whole of the nano-SIM can fit inside of the metal on the regular SIM card.

Because of this you might think the SIM cards use different technology. But they aren’t – the nano-SIM is the same type of SIM card as the regular SIM, it’s just had all the excess trimmed off. Most of that excess is card but some of it is also silicon. You may see some reports online that suggest you measure the SIM card with a ruler.

This used to work with the old-style Micro-SIM cards, but it doesn’t work when creating a new Nano-SIM. For this you need to place a Nano-SIM over the metal of the old SIM and line it up by eye. Some SIM cards, handily, have guide marks on the metal of the sim.