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In the ancient past, sailors had jackpot lure slot machine things to fear on the open seas, both real and mythological. And why they may not have been the scariest looking monsters of all, few dangers were more deadly than that of the sirens.

Able to attract sailors with their enchanting songs, they would lure ships into wrecking on nearby rocky islands, killing their crew. While few would say they believe in such creatures today, they remain a symbol of the danger posed by temptations that could lead us to ruin. That danger is the basis for Sirens’ Serenade by Saucify, one of the latest online slot machines developed by the software provider.

In this game, you won’t have to be scared of their call, however, as you’ll only find riches by venturing out into the waters of this machine. In fact, finding a siren or two might actually help you make bigger winning combinations, while sailing into the rocks could help you earn some free spins where the rewards are even larger. The Sirens’ Serenade video slot is a new game that can be found included at online casinos using software by Saucify. The game uses a seafaring theme, with a stormy ocean background seen behind the reels.

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