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John wayne slot machine


The king of the Western John Wayne may not be around any more, but the legacy of John Wayne lives on forever as a part of popular culture. Now the John Wayne slot can be added to this man’john wayne slot machine great legacy. The latest video slot machine from Playtech features the Duke taking another journey through the Old West. Join him as he saddles up his horse and takes on one more journey, giving players the chance to win prizes, free games, multipliers, mystery wilds and scatters, and much more in the process.

John Wayne slot pays homage to one of the greatest western legends to have ever lived. Already, in a very short space of time, it’s proven to be a big hit in the online gaming world. The high quality graphics and the wonderfully thematic soundtrack draw players in and make them feel like they’re really on the frontier. Playtech spared no expense turning this game into a real Western treat.

Wayne, with the game featuring truly stunning attention to detail. As you’d expect the symbols in John Wayne slot are centred on cowboys, including three black-and-white images of the Duke himself.

Also included are a cowboy boot, a neckerchief, a cowboy hat, and a sheriff’s badge. The game also features playing cards from ten to ace to plug in the gaps. As mentioned previously, John Wayne slot features 25 paylines and you’re able to bet on as many or as few as you want.

You can also set your bet per line. The total bet is your bet per line multiplied by the number of active paylines. So as you can imagine, the maximum bet in this title is legitimately jaw dropping.