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A guide to Building Yurtsor more specifically, how I built mine! Based on Knowledge Gained from “Doing kerf slot weather stripping Myself”, and reading about it on-line. I’ve now built three yurts, for myself and friends, and we go camping in Luxury in these a few times a year. If you like the outdoors, but you hate having to crawl around in pokey little tents then this one’s for you!

We sleep two of us in luxury in this tent, in a full queen-sized bed! Of course, sleeping on the floor, like a plastic tent, you could probably sleep 20 people, easily! When we invite other camping-inclined friends over for a party in our tent, we can confortably fit 15-20 people in, sitting around on cushions and lounging on the bed and on the rugs on the floor now that’s what I can a party tent!

If you like pictures, please be sure to have a look at step 9 – it’s got over 50 assembly photos on that step alone ! Step 1: Overview of the Parts and Process. What a yurt is, and what it’s made from. How all the components should look when together.

If you’ve ever seen a yurt in the flesh, or photo’s, or read a bit about them, that’s enough. All roof supports and wall slats are cut-down from 90×35 F8 or F12 pine framing timber – see below for details. 8oz or you’ll regret it.

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