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Kooza cirque du soleil slot machine


One of the most spectacular slot launches over recent years was without doubt, Kooza, by Cirque du Soleil. When the game was released, the actual performers from the kooza cirque du soleil slot machine helped with it’s marketing in Vegas, creating a huge buzz of excitement. When I got to play the game, I was really relieved to find it was really great fun.

Kooza is a great new addition to the online slots world. The game itself manages to incorporate a lot of the sheer joy and quirky fun of the circus, but at the same time, keeping decent gameplay.

The music playing in the background is classic Cirque, just like you would get if you at one of their live perfomances. So, for example, you might get an extra 8 Kooza symbols suddenly appear whilst the reels are spinning. When you get this feature, it gives a much better chance of a big win – it’s kind of like ‘fill the gaps’ after that and great fun watching to see if you can get some more of the symbols as the reels come in. The Kooza slot online has quite a few major bonuses.

One is a classic pick and choose feature, where you pick a box to get a prize. Unfortunately, when I was playing online, this feature did not work and the game crashes.