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We are proud to announce las vegas free slot play coupons our grooming salon is now open! We are so pleased to welcome Stefanie to our team as our new professional groomer and manager of our Pet Spa. Stefanie brings 10 years of grooming experience to the spa.

She grew up on a farm and has always had a passion for animals and knew that she wanted to work with them later in life. She fell into grooming, seeing it as a stepping stone to a possible career in the veterinary services.

She ended up falling in love with her job and the satisfaction it brings. She loves making pets feel beautiful and making their parents happy.

She loves the challenges it brings, even the difficult ones. Stefanie loves being a part of the well-being of her clients. We were so excited to have Emily join our team in the fall of 2015. Emily has always loved working with animals ever since she was a little girl.