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The state legislature decided to move the state capital from Charleston to near the geographic center of the state. Saluda Rivers confluence form the Congaree River. Metropolitan Columbia has also been ranked among the Top 10 canoe towns in Life of luxury slot machine cheats by Paddler magazine! Photo at right: The Saluda River.

Riverbanks Zoo and just 1. 5 miles from downtown Columbia! The Three Rivers Greenway is a 12-mile linear park system along Columbia’s three rivers.

Sections of this popular greenway now open total approximately nine miles. Legislature on May 31, 1991. River can be VERY DANGEROUS to river users.

Swimmers can experience hypothermia even in the summer. Mill Race Rapids should be portaged. Race Rapids on river right.

Enjoy the river, BUT, be careful! 240-acre Regional park, will be developed just below the Bush River Road landing. 5 miles from downtown Columbia.

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