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Microsoft believes the Surface Pro 3 hybrid offers the best of a tablet and a laptop. Despite being larger, this is the slimmest and lightest Surface tablet yet at just 9. 1mm thin and 800 grams in weight. It’s still extremely heavy for a tablet, but it’s light compared macbook air sd slot laptops.

But that figure doesn’t include the keyboard, and it really ought to. With the keyboard the Surface Pro 3 weighs 1. 1kg, around 200 grams less than the 1.

They both need a similar size bag to carry them in and the differences in weight are the matter of a couple of hundred grams. You’ll notice the difference between the two, but the Surface Pro isn’t more portable as a result. Innovative as the kickstand design on the Surface Pro 3 is, it’s useless in cramped commuter settings like trains and planes.

Indeed, the design of a typical economy class tray table is incompatible with the kickstand as there’s a large gap where the stand needs to sit. It’s also awkward, though not impossible, to use on your lap.