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International Gaming Technology is one of the biggest known companies there is in the megabucks penny slot machine industry. It started out with the video poker industry and has sold more video poker machines than any other company.

Most people associate the International Gaming Technology with video poker. What many people do not know is the fact that they manufacture slot machines also and that too in large numbers. Initially, the International Gaming Technology was into the manufacture of Video Poker machines. But when the slot industry started evolving, they got into the manufacturing of slot machines also.

This was around the year 1981. At that stage, these slot machines were based on the older generation and mechanical reels and mechanical levers were used.

With mechanical slot machines, size was a constraint. The size of the jackpot depended on the size of the slot machine.

So, a very big jackpot was not possible as it was difficult to have very large slot machines. But when the random number generator chip was introduced, there was no problem of size. And with the introduction of the random number generator, the progressive jackpot became a reality.