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Metal shelf brackets for slot standards


Quality Home or have one built for you! C- An abbreviation for air conditioner or air conditioning. C Condenser- The outside metal shelf brackets for slot standards unit of the Air Conditioning system.

Aerator- The round screened screw-on tip of a sink spout. Aggregate- A mixture of sand and stone and a major component of concrete. Normally a 1″ air gap.

Appraisal An expert valuation of property. One who draws up plans.

Carpet backing holds the pile fabric in place. Ballast- A transformer that steps up the voltage in a florescent lamp. Barge- Horizontal beam rafter that supports shorter rafters. At the cornice, this member is a fascia board.

Base shoe- Molding used next to the floor on interior base board. Sometimes called a carpet strip.

15 or 23 inches wide by four to eight feet long and various thickness’. Beam- A structural member transversely supporting a load. Often used for closet doors. 15 or 23 inches wide.

Blue stake- Another phrase for Utility Notification. 12 inches wide by 12 inches long. Not to be confused with a ‘performance bond’.

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