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Update: Two new devices from Samsung Electronics has passed through the FCC, bearing model no. The FCC listening reveals one major thing about the device which note 8 sd card slot the CPU. Both devices are running on Android 7.

Galaxy Note series was truly the series from Samsung which changed the way of how we use our phones, but the last year was a setback to this series as the Galaxy Note 7 had to be recalled totally due to safety reasons. And if it was any other brand except Samsung, it could have been pretty hard to recover from that incident. But Samsung is all prepared for a comeback and the smartphone in the limelight today is the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, the rumored device is all set to launch soon, and courtesy of several leaks in the past, almost every detail about the device from its dual cameras to its processor is available online.

Update- Samsung posted a teasing picture of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 on Twitter recently, the picture was posted by the Samsung Exynos and focusses on the infinite display which the Note 8 will feature. Galaxy Note 8 apparently is going to be the first Samsung device to come with the dual camera setup. Also, Samsung has developed advanced pressure-sensitive technology for its OLED displays so we can expect something like Force touch in Galaxy Note 8. According to the source, the applications of this pressure-sensitive technology will be restricted.

And restricted here means only navigation strip on the bottom of the screen and the new virtual home button. Users will be able to open various menus and other things by hard and soft pressing the home button. All this seems excellent in my opinion.

Coming to the Note Series, the Samsung Note 7 was a complete failure. It started exploding all around the world and because of that Samsung had to announce a Global recall of Note 7.

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