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Pcie 3 video card in pcie2 slot


Please forward this error screen to 69. Pcie 3 video card in pcie2 slot take no responsibility if you mess up anything or injure yourself or others.

And I make no guarantees that your card will function even if you correctly perform the mod. X1 video card is not a new idea. You can do a web search for other people who have done this before me. I’m just showing you how I modded mine.

PCIe X16 card can plug into it. You can also find examples of this mod by searching the web. But, of course, an X1 card will work in any sized PCIe slot. X16 video card into an X1 slot.

I also didn’t want to mod the motherboard. The new card is an ASUS EN8400GS Silent. I also lined up the card with an X1 slot, just to double check.