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Thank you for visiting my slots website. Below are listed my top 4 best online casinos. I penny slots near me in and I fully believe you will have great online slot playing experience at any one of them. Hi, my name is Steve and this is my website.

My wife and I love to play slot machines. You know they’re just money pits. You might actually win once in a while.

Well, I DO play blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat. And, I DO win money playing slots too. I decided to create this website is to dispel some widely held myths about playing these machines. You have a better chance at winning at blackjack, craps or roulette than you do playing slots.

Gaming Revenue Report on the website of the Nevada State Gaming Control Board. January 2017 and the three and twelve months ended January 31, 2017.

50 game you have been told about, is it? Compare this to the win rate for penny slots at 10. What does all of this mean? You have almost twice the chance at winning at quarter slots than you do at blackjack.

Higher denomination slots machines payout at the same rate as penny slots. Do wonder why that is?

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