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To do so, hold down the Power button until :slide to power off” appears at the top of the screen and then slide the switch at the top of the screen to the right. Make sure the SIM card is the right size for you phone. Find your SIM eject tool or straighten a small paperclip.

Many phones come with a SIM eject tool, which is a tool with a small pointy end that allows you to release the SIM tray. If you don’t have this tool anymore, you can straighten a paperclip instead. Push the tool or paperclip into the small hole next to the SIM slot.

With a little force, the SIM tray should pop out a little bit. Do so gently, since both the SIM card and its tray are fragile. Remove the old SIM card and place your new SIM card in the tray. Because of the indentation on the card, you should only be able to place the new card in the tray in one way.

If you aren’t sure, just insert it the same way the original card was, with the gold contacts facing down. The tray will only insert one way.