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Samsung galaxy s5 sd card slot


What’s it like to use? We’re a little conflicted about the Game Samsung galaxy s5 sd card slot on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, so let us explain what it’s about first and then outline some of our reservations. The Launcher is simply a folder where you can add games, and when that’s done you’ll get a little icon in the corner while playing. Tap that icon and you can disable alerts, lock the back and home keys, record a screen shot or video of yourself playing, or minimize the game so that you can quickly check something else while it’s paused.

Candy Crush, for example, really benefits. Fantasy Football, which aren’t actually games. Cool, no worries, we’ll just click the ‘edit’ icon and remove them.

The little Game Launcher icon is still there when we fire up the app, and we keep hitting it when we’re trying to use the app. We can’t turn it off. And while it’s great that we can lock the keys so we don’t accidentally shut down the game mid-play, we KEEP hitting that fricking icon when we’re doing something like play Real Racing 3 or Piano Tiles, even though we think we’ve moved it out of the way. We’re hoping issues like these can be addressed by Samsung with a firmware update, as they’re too annoying for us to want to use the Game Launcher at all the way things are now.

The gameplay recording feature is cool, and will be useful for people who like to do tutorials on a title. What’s odd is that the reader will often get our digit scan wrong the first time, but it’s nigh-on infallible for the second hit. You can lock more elements of the phone with the scanner, such as signing into stuff on the web, but annoyingly there’s very little in the way of apps that can secure themselves using your digit. Galaxy S5, so we’re irritated that it’s not here for the S7.