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Please forward this error screen to 109. A pin or blade extends from the bottom of the car into the slot. Though some slot cars are used to model highway traffic on scenic layouts, the great majority are used in the scalextric usa slot cars hobby of slot car racing or slot racing.

Modern commercially made slot cars and track. Slot cars are usually models of actual automobiles, though some have bodies purpose-designed for miniature racing.

Drivers generally use a hand-held controller to regulate a low-voltage electric motor hidden within the car. The challenge in racing slot cars comes in taking curves and other obstacles as fast as possible without causing the car to lose its grip and spin sideways, or to ‘deslot’, leaving the track altogether.

Some enthusiasts, much as in model railroading, build elaborate tracks, sculpted to have the appearance of a real-life racecourse, including miniature buildings, trees and people. Hobbyists whose main goal is competition often prefer a track unobstructed by scenery. Model motorcycles, trucks and other vehicles that use the guide-slot system are also generally included under the loose classification of “slot car. Typical electrical circuit of a 1:24 or 1:32 slot car track.

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