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De-slotting: How does the car slot car mods magazine off the track? Power: Does the car appear to be getting proper power? Perhaps we will add these items in the future.

Check the guide for unimpeded movement throughout its turning radius. Make notes for repair at the applicable time. A hair dryer on a low setting can also be used.

I opened the car up. This will help to prevent deslots in the corners. Section to get more info about fixing this problem.

Second, put a couple of drops of superglue into the chassis guide holder. Third, install the guide shoe and turn it back and forth until the glue sets up.

Add some oil to lubricate and away you go. TSRF guides for commercial tracks. Insure that the motor leads are properly soldered to the motor. Make sure the pinion gear you plan to use is securely installed.

This will reduce the possibility of motor damage. This will prevent possible interference with the tires. Reinstall motor and motor adapters as applicable. Make sure the motor leads plug into the guide securely.