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Slot car sets for adults


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Slot car racing has been around for decades and back in the 1970’s and early 80’s when I was growing up my brothers and I would create huge tracks and race our cars for what seemed like hours. Our slot car set was huge – it probably took up an entire 10 x 10 room with bridges, turns, and long straightaways. The cars weren’t very durable and seemed like they were constantly breaking as we repaired tires, body parts, and more. Slot cars are made with tiny electric motors that run on electric tracks powered by one main box.

It’s a fun pasttime and kids especially enjoy learning how to setup and race the cars. My son just turned 8 so we are getting him a new track for Christmas and I decided to write up this article to help other parents in the same situation. 64 scale slot cars are the smallest available and tend to be less expensive than the other larger scale cars.