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Slot machine jackpot videos


Slot Machine Amazing Jackpot HIT! I have taken a slot machine jackpot videos of slots videos with my Iphone and thought I would share them with you.

Hal playing some our favorite slot machines in a live casino setting. I have a number of them on my phone and the hard drive on my laptop. Let’s start out with my favoritem, and Hals, slot game. You can click on the link to read my review of this game.

But, a jackopt is a jackpot and it sure beats losing. I will try to get a better on in the near future.

I do like the redscreen machines from VGT. 10,000, it does seem to pay out more often at lower win amounts.

In this video I actually got a red screen spin! Here is a clip of my wife playing the Grand Hotel version of the game at Choctaw Casino in Durant, Ok. Hal play quite a bit.