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Last modified September 28, 2012. Rubik’s Cube slot machine java code Speed page. I decided to give it a try.

Dig Dug, respectlessly adapted to the ’90s. 3D-Blox – a sequel to Iceblox.

Totally 3D, but with a slightly different gameplay. Notes in quite a few ways. KVM available for PalmOS handheld devices.

Iceblox, based on the old arcade classic Pengo. Kind of geeky when you think about it. MIDP-Man – again, not exactly an applet.

Blox – Iceblox for i-mode. Japanese 503i series cell phone. This one supposedly runs on Nokia 3410 and 6310i phones.

Java-compatible Nokia 3410 and 6310i models. Graviton – a metal ball rolling through a labyrinth. Everyone should be familiar with this game.

Now available for certain cell phone models. Just type in the clue numbers and click on “Solve. MIDP-Man” game for mobile phones. Pod Touch, now ported to a few Mobile Java phones.

Source code and graphics included. Rail Shuffle – a puzzle game that requires quick thinking.

It’s not my usual type of game. I might as well include it here with the rest of my applets. Look for details on the documentation pages.

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