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Hailing from Brisbane in Australia, Eyecon Pty Ltd is a software company which specialises in delivering land-based and online games to the gambling industry. The outfit currently claims to have more than 100 slot machine titles listed in its library, many of which are designed to an impressive standard with 3D animations and immersive gameplay features. What’s more, the game-maker also provides a range of other games including live casino classics and bingo titles. In keeping up with the times, Eyecon has recently made the move to optimise its games catalogue for the mobile betting sector, expanding slots mama free slots ways in which punters can enjoy the spinning entertainment.

In fact, it would appear that this company has plenty of global ambition when it comes to outreach, having translated a number of its games into different languages for new geographical markets. Eyecon has been around in the gambling business since1997, which gives the gaming company a considerably lengthy history which stretches back to the beginning of the online betting revolution. However, the company has not exactly been at the forefront of the online gambling movement, focusing much of its energy on the land-based gaming sector as well as on online gaming solutions. As such, this company can be classed as a fairly traditional gaming company with a dedicated expertise in integrating its products to multiple playing platforms.

So, with that in mind, punters shouldn’t expect anything too fancy when it comes to gameplay. This Australian software studio may be mostly about the games, but the services on offer do branch out to offer more than just game development. For example, the company also offers a white label gaming platform solution to a number of jurisdictions, which essentially means that Eyecon is responsible for designing full casino websites for clients to use as their own. The tech firm is also responsible for a core gaming engine and distribution network which goes by the name of Maroon.