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Star trek slot machine


The Star Trek slot machine – released by WMS Gaming in 2007, it became an overnight success story due not only to the brand, but also for being an innovative and excellent slot in its own right. With more version planned for release, there is a lot to star trek slot machine excited about for all fans of Star Trek. The console itself has Bose surround sound speakers and has a special seat attached, which is linked to the gameplay.

This means that when you hear a phasor shoot, you get the experience in full surround sound and also that you get to feel the vibrations of the blasts in the seat. As you get more medals, you get to play in different bonus games, like the Tribble bonus game and also the Shields Down bonus game. Unlike many other casino slots, the features here really are interactive and great fun to play.

You also get to play the bonus games for quite a long time, rather than them being over almost before they started. Of course, as with many penny slots, in order to play all the lines and to max bet, even in penny slot versions, it can still add-up. If you can find a game where the cash slot machine prizes can be won on a minimal stake, you would be well advised to note it down and continue playing on that machine.

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