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Is your Surface Pro a bit full? Infosys names a new CEO: welcome to surface pro microsd slot hot-seat Salil S.

Is Oomi the all-in-one smart home system we’ve been waiting for? Is your Surface Pro a bit full? It’s being widely reported that the Surface Pro arrives with a lot of its onboard storage already full up: but this is a foolish criticism to focus on.

For a small and continually-decreasing price, you can buy a microSD card and pop it in. 15, upping the baseline Pro’s storage by 50 per cent.

Some time this year 128GB cards will appear, and the format goes to 2TB so the capacities will keep on going up. Buy the next biggest card and copy all your existing stuff onto it. It’ll be cheap and simple.

Some of us have been doing this for a while, carrying the same ever-growing load of data along from device to device, card to card. It’s not so simple if you’re an Apple lover. If your iOS device ever fills up, you will have no remedy but to buy a new one.