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Switch micro sd card slot


My micro SD card is not detected by computer when I connect switch micro sd card slot USB card reader. I am using this card for my mobile. When I put the micro SD card on my Nokia mobile, its not detecting. Micro SD card is not detected when put in phone!

On the actual card, make sure that the “locked-switch” is in the middle. The dial should be in the exact middle, or as close to the middle as possible, or the card will read something along the lines of “This data card in encrypted”, when inserting the chip into the computer.

Our aim is to give you the best possible answer. Ah you are amazing, thank you! I finally figured out the dang thing on my computer!

I have a 2 gb sandisk memory card. Ok, I finally figured out the dang thing on my computer!

I have a 2 gb sandisk memory card. Try this outit is a hotfix from microsoft. First of all, some of you simply aren’t helpfuljust return itindeed! Windows Media Player to the phone.

Well, folks, that is just plain WRONG. One other, critical, distinction is that if it says HC on it you must have a reader that can handle HC. HC compatible, and so, even though made by the same manufacturer, it CANNOT read the card I bought.

So, my two choices are: first, return the 4 gig SDHC microcard and get a smaller card that is not HC, which obviously limits the stuff he can store on his phone, or second, buy a new reader that can handle the newer HC disks. I have been having issue with accessing pictures that are on a new SD HC memory card. I am unable to access the card from my old USB card adapter I have read a lot of comments on the web, most are trying to blame windows but finally an answer that makes sense!

Thank you for this post – it saved me much frustration! Card worked fine on a newer card reader.

I did a factory reset on my 5310 and afterwards mem card asks for passwords. Plugged it into card reader into PC, gets “please insert disk” message. Solution: I had my friend format my mem card on his nokia 6120c.