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Please forward this error screen turkey shoot slot game 129. These novelty forms of archery are generally regarded as amusements, and, as such, are not governed by organizationally-sanctioned rules.

A variant of the animal round, a broadhead round features archers shooting broadhead-tipped arrows through various single-sheet, 2-D cardboard cutouts of animals that are hung between two wooden poles, strung in the air by bendable wire, with a large dirt mound behind it as a backstop. This is an old practice form of archery competition in the United States that is still enjoyed today. A fun, two player game where player 1 sets out 3 helium balloons and marks an X behind one of them. Player 2 must then guess which balloon is marked from the back, and shoot it from any starting point.

If player 2 hits the correct balloon, player 2 automatically switches turns with player 1 after telling how far player 1 must move back. Instead of shooting at a FITA target face, archers shoot at an enlarged dartboard target face, which can be purchased from most archery dealers.