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FBI agents are scouring Paddock’s old neighborhood in suburban Melbourne, Fl. Jose Lambiet In Melbourne, Florida For Dailymail. Neighbors in the Florida retirement community where Las Vegas shooter Stephen Craig Paddock spent some of his time walking dead slot machine tips he was just like them, and had the same hopes for a quiet retirement and desire for peace.

Federal Bureau of Investigations and Florida Department of Law Enforcement today, scouring Paddock’s old neighborhood in suburban Melbourne asking if anyone had heard him rant about politics or religion. 64-year-old Paddock only talked about routine matters of life and gambling. Nothing about politics,’ said next-door neighbor Sharon Judy.

Never saw him with guns,’ said Jules Rothus, across the street. Heritage Isle community say they’d never thought in their wildest imagination that Paddock, whom they referred to as a ‘senior citizen,’ would kill 59 people and wound 527 in the worst mass shooting in U.

We moved in at the same time as him,’ said Judy, a semi-retired insurance worker. He said he bought the place as investment. He told me he liked to speculate on the price of a home going up. All his neighbors said they rarely saw Paddock, who did tell them he had family in nearby Orlando.