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We’ve played the campaign, a Strike, and the Crucible PVP—all on PC and in 4K. Here’weapon slots watch dogs 2 what we know so far.

The PC Gamer staff can be divided into two categories: those who play Destiny, and those who don’t play Destiny because playing shooters with analog sticks makes them cry. MMOFPS series are mostly just enjoying the large guns for their intrinsic, large gun qualities. As our readers surely fall into both camps, here’s everything we learned about Destiny 2 based on today’s reveal event, both from a newcomer’s perspective and with an eye for what’s changed from the console exclusive original.

When is the PC release date? The Destiny 2 console release date is September 8, but the PC release date isn’t set. Luke Smith when we asked him directly after the reveal event. When Destiny 2 was announced we were told that those who pre-order will get early access to a beta in the summer, which will be followed by an open beta.