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What is a slot receiver


For split ends in hair, see Trichoptilosis. American and Canadian what is a slot receiver, and is the key player in most of the passing plays. Wide receivers are among the fastest players on the field.

The wide receiver functions as the pass-catching specialist. The wide receiver’s principal role is to catch passes from the quarterback. If the receiver becomes open, or has an unobstructed path to the destination of a catch, he may then become the quarterback’s target.

Once a pass is thrown in his direction, the receiver’s goal is to first catch the ball and then attempt to run downfield. Some receivers are perceived as a deep threat because of their flat-out speed, while others may be possession receivers known for not dropping passes, running crossing routes across the middle of the field, and generally, converting third down situations.

A wide receiver has two potential roles during running plays. Particularly in the case of draw plays and other trick plays, he may run a pass route with the intent of drawing off defenders. Alternatively, he may block normally for the running back. Hines Ward in particular received praise for his blocking abilities while also becoming the Pittsburgh Steelers all-time leading receiver and one of 13 in NFL history with at least 1,000 receptions.

Sometimes wide receivers are used to run the ball, usually in some form of an end-around or reverse. This can be effective because the defense usually does not expect them to be the ball carrier on running plays.