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We are proud to announce that our grooming salon is now open! We are so pleased to welcome Stefanie to our team as our new professional groomer and manager wizard of oz slot cheat codes our Pet Spa. Stefanie brings 10 years of grooming experience to the spa.

She grew up on a farm and has always had a passion for animals and knew that she wanted to work with them later in life. She fell into grooming, seeing it as a stepping stone to a possible career in the veterinary services. She ended up falling in love with her job and the satisfaction it brings.

She loves making pets feel beautiful and making their parents happy. She loves the challenges it brings, even the difficult ones. Stefanie loves being a part of the well-being of her clients. We were so excited to have Emily join our team in the fall of 2015.

Emily has always loved working with animals ever since she was a little girl. Whether it was horseback riding, volunteering for a therapeutic riding center or doing an agility course with her dog in the yard. She was only planning on grooming for one year and then going to school. However, Emily fell in love with grooming and making pets feel special.

One year has turned into seven years and she has loved every moment. Book an appointment today — your pet deserves a little pampering! February is Dental Health Month! Drop Down Menu Creator by Vista-Buttons.

You probably want to know where my skill with a chain saw came from. My introduction to woodcarving and working with wood goes back to my early childhood. When I was eight or nine I was allowed to use a crafter’s band saw to cut small animals out from aged barn siding. My collection of critters grew to the point that I displayed them in a shed off our garage so that friends and family could enjoy them.

My family members were my first art critics and collectors. My mother would often quip, “Benjie you’ve got sawdust in your veins” referring to the fact that I was a descendant of a long line of Adirondack loggers, woodworkers, cabinet makers, and artisans on both sides of the family tree. My carving career began in 1993, and I’ve been carving ever since.

I continue to see and feel new meaning in the wood I’m working with, to a point that some of my finest work is now being offered. If you are able to see me carve, as I travel literally around the world, I trust you will watch in amazement as a tree log turns into a life-size horse with a flying mane, an angry bear, a reflective Native American chief, a rustic old boot, or a soaring eagle before your very eyes. I hope you see in my work a pure love of the natural world.

Add to that, good old fashioned hard work. Click any image for full size version. Reduce, stop, and reverse allergies with the most effective and painless allergy solution available for people of all ages.