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Wizard spell slots 5e


This is the second part to the wizard handbook and covers the skill and feat selection of the optimized wizard. I don’t feel that mentioning them is necessary. Acting wizard spell slots 5e in the combat sequence, before your opponents have a chance to react gives you a combat advantage.

This feat enhances that aspect of your strategy and it’s generally worth the feat slot. Available to you if you can fly, this is greater than mobile spellcasting CV because it does not require a skill check. You can even hide behind walls, vegetation and generally take advantage of your surroundings. If used correctly, you can finish your move in such a way, so that you also have concealment, too.

Flyby attack enables you to reposition yourself defensively. This feat is available to kobolds only and you have to select it as one of your feats at first level. The main benefit is that it changes your type to true dragon, an important fact, because it “unlocks” additional forms when casting polymorph spells.

In addition, you retain all your kobold racial traits and gain some additional dragon bonuses. A common use of this feat is to stack the aging benefits, as it is explicitly stated that Dragonwrought Kobolds do not receive aging penalties. This feat is very useful to wizards that want to invest in cross-class skills, as it will essentially double those skill points.

Note that it is only available to humans. This is because under the Multiclass Characters section in Player’s Handbook, it says about class skills that “If a skill is a class skill for any of a multiclass character’s classes, then character level determines a skill’s maximum rank”. 3 rule, but if the class you’re currently gaining levels in doesn’t list it as a class skill you have to pay two ranks instead of the usual one. Enter Able Learner which sets the cross-class skill cost at just one rank and voila!

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