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Wooden box with slot


I really like making wooden boxes and always use wooden hinges, I think they look so much better than any hinge you can buy. As a lot of people who do woodwork I often have loads of offcuts that a generally too small to do anything with, apart from having wooden box with slot fire, so this is where you can use some of your scrap wood that has too much character to burn.

I have made this box out of yew wood and have acquired quite a few offcuts. Be warned though yew can be hazardous to health – the dust may be toxic and the smoke from burning it may be poisonous. If you search the internet for yew you will find many people saying it is poisonous and dangerous and others that swear its not and have used it for decades with no problems. In my eyes, if it may be dangerous then use appropriate safety equipment.

When I cut and sand yew I always wear a good quality face mask to protect my lungs, I always have for a types of wood, but bought my expensive mask as I was specifically going to be using a lot of yew. First step is to cut up your wood in to a nice cube. As my offcut was an odd shape there was only one area which was big enough for a cube so I used that section. If your wood is a shape like mine with no straight edges just take care in cutting, making sure that it is secure before passing it through the saw.

I did mine in stages using a sliding table extension to make a straight edge, then used that edge against the fence. The next stage is to make some finger joints on a couple of bits of wood so you can create your hinges. I have a couple of ways I make finger joints, both with a router table but with different jigs.